The birth of a great Albariño

In the late 1980s, La Rioja Alta S.A. finally abandoned the production of white Rioja wines and began a painstaking search for a great white that would have a great personality and traits that would set it apart from other Spanish wines. So begins the story of a lovely venture in Galician lands.

These are only some of the highlights of Lagar de Cervera's history. If you would like more information about our history, we invite you to read the chapter 'Our past, present and future' of the book 'Three centuries of La Rioja Alta, S.A.'

Select the years that are milestones in the history of Lagar de Cervera

We chose O Rosal, Pontevedra as the place to settle in Galicia and explore new winemaking avenues. We acquired a traditional winery, Fernández Cervera Hermanos S.L. and changed the old name to Lagar de Fornelos, S.A. As a tribute to the founders, we have always respected the brand name Lagar de Cervera.
We began renovating our facilities with Ángel Suárez, who had led the project since 1988. The first essential step was to expand the vineyard surface area to ensure a top-quality grape supply. So, we set out to put together the largest Albariño vineyard in Rías Baixas, which has grown from 5 hectares to today's more than 65.
The U.S. magazine Wine Spectator chose Lagar de Cervera Albariño as one of the Top 100 wines of 2004.
We started the building project for the new winery. The aim: to improve quality in the various stages of winemaking and to restyle our Galician House.
The 1st edition of the Albariños al Mundo International Competition organised by the Spanish Union of Wine Tasters awarded a gold medal to the Lagar de Cervera 2011 and the Viña Armenteira herbal orujo.
We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Lagar de Cervera, concluded the building work and inaugurated the new winery, a €2.8 million investment.