With the spirit of an exceptional microclimate

It is the particular treasure of our Galician winery. A 100% estate-owned Albariño vineyard —the biggest in the D.O. Rías Baixas— located in one of the most privileged locations of this exclusive wine region.

Our oldest plots —Seoane and Cervera— are located in Finca Viña Cervera, in O Rosal. The vines average 25 years and enjoy exceptional conditions, allowing us to produce our wine with one of the best white grapes in the world.

Following are some key factors in producing top quality grapes:

The soil

The soils in this sub-area can be granitic, sedimentary with rounded boulders (in terraces close to the river Miño) and, as in our case, of metamorphic origin with mineral-rich, schistose materials. It is a shallow, sandy loam soil with good drainage, a very low pH and a balanced fertility.

Climate and orientation

The O Rosal Valley is a privileged area with a feature that sets it apart from other areas in the D.O. Rías Baixas, such as Cambados —it has a very particular microclimate. Despite the Atlantic influence, the area has considerable sun exposure and therefore the grapes ripen sooner. Planted on south and south-west facing slopes, our vineyards get optimal ventilation, producing a perfect balance between acidity and alcohol content and aromatic intensity.

Grape growing

Although different training systems are used in this D.O., the most common is the so-called 'traditional pergola'. Our soils are kept with a plant cover and herbicide-free, thereby maintaining a natural balance and soil microbial life.

Vineyards in Lagar de Cervera

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