Viña Armenteira Blanco

Rías Baixas / Eau de Vie

  • Orujo
  • Albariño

White 'orujo'

Viña Armenteira Blanco

Winemaking and ageing

Lagar de Cervera has been distilling it's own orujo, as is the tradition of the area, since 1993. This spirit is made from the double distillation of the skins and pips of albariño grapes, the residue of the winepress. This grape produces a wonderfully florally scented wine and this unique personality is also imparted to the spirit distilled from its skins and pips. Such is the smoothness brought to the spirit by its glycerine content that the relatively high, 45%, alcohol content is scarcely noticed. The aroma is powerful, flowery, fragrant and elegant. You may sip the spirit at room temperature when it will be soft and flavoursome. Or, if you prefer, drink it well chilled when the alcohol will be tamed, the aroma and flavour preserved.


Dry, aromatic, complex and fruity.

Tasting notes

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