Viña Armenteira de Hierbas

Rías Baixas / Herbs Spirit

  • Orujo
  • Albariño

Pure Galician magic

Viña Armenteira de Hierbas

Winemaking and ageing

Lagar de Cervera has been distilling it's own orujo, as is the tradition of the area, since 1993. This spirit is made from the double distillation of the skins and pips of albariño grapes, the residue of the winepress.This grape produces a wonderfully florally scented wine and this unique personality is also imparted to the spirit distilled from its skins and pips.

Nine fresh types of herb, grown in the verdant valley of O Rosal (Pontevedra), are macerated for a month in freshly distilled and sweetened white orujo.

The resultant, naturally flavoured spirit is matured for twelve months in small casks of American oak. During the period of ageing the spirit takes up flavours from the wood which add a balancing touch of bitterness to the sweet orujo, a rare equilibrium indeed. The spirit, at 38% alcohol, slides warmly and silkily down the throat. The achievement is a perfect blend of virgin white orujo, the flavours of the herbs and the hint of spices from the oak. This orujo is classified as a spirit rather than a liqueur as it contains less than 100 g/l of sugar, the minimum requirement for a liqueur.


Sweet and spicy

Tasting notes

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